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GUC Award System: The GFXers Awards!

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GUC Award System: The GFXers Awards!

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:52 pm

That's right! An Award System is up and running! The Awards are still in creation, though! I will update this thread with the many different awards and the ways to achieve them!

The awards are badges that appear under your avatar. They are cool collectibles on this site. They are mostly obtained by winning tournaments (Either placing 3rd, 2nd, or 1st.) But they can be obtained in other ways! (Posting, good resources, etc ... )

Here is the current list!
CA: Creator Award

Given to the creator of the site! [Unavailable]

AA: Admin Award

Give to the admins/moderators of this site! [Unavailable]

GA: Gold Award

If you place 1st in a tournament! [Available]

SA: Silver Award

If you place 2nd in a tournament! [Available]

BA: Bronze Award

If you place 3rd in a tournament! [Available]

PA: Poster Award

For being an active poster you geester! 500 posts! [Available]

MA: Member Award

For being a great contributing member! [Available]

CMA: Council Member Award

For the Council members.

JA: Jedeite Award

For those amazing GFXers.

Awards to be coming!


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