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GUC Event: Design an official logo!

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GUC Event: Design an official logo! Empty GUC Event: Design an official logo!

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:39 pm

This isn't an official tournament of GUC, but rather just an event for the current members.

For this event, we are designing the official logo for GUC! The winner will recieve an award based on whatever the logo will look like! One time thing! Won't happen again for a long time!

-The size limit is 600x600 px.
-The entry must be a RENDER! (PNG).
-Must be made in GIMP.
-People who put in entries must vote! For this you can vote for your own if you want. We are in fact letting the community decide what we want to symbolize us right?!

Send the entries to me via PM!

The deadline is 2/24/13!


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